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About Us

Great American, Inc. Was founded on Memorial Day, 1980. Operations began in a small warehouse in Roswell, Georgia with only 12 direct product lines. In 1983, the warehouse operation re-located to the Fulton Industrial area in southwest Atlanta where it remained until April of 2005. At that time, the company headquarters and main warehouse moved to a new and the current location in Lithia Springs, Georgia on the west side of Atlanta. The Lithia Springs location serves North Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Northern Alabama.

Our location in East Dublin, Georgia began operations in 1990. This location serves all of Georgia south of interstate 20 plus customers in South Carolina, North Florida, Mississippi and Southern Alabama..

Over the years, our product line offering has grown to over 60 direct vendors. We focus on providing high quality and competitively priced heavy duty truck and trailer parts. We also warehouse aftermarket parts for pickup and medium duty trucks primarily filtration, belts, hose and brakes. Within the construction, agriculture and off road vehicle market, we sell filtration, industrial belts, hydraulic hose crimping systems, hydraulic hose and fittings plus safety related products. Other major product offerings include suspension, wheel end parts, drums, exhaust, cargo control, air conditioning, lighting, electrical, bearings, seals, air brake valves and compressors, driveline parts, engine and transmission parts, lubricants, chemicals, shop supplies and tools. Please check our web line card for a full listing of vendors and products.

Our active customer base includes: truck fleets, independent repair shops, automotive jobbers, loggers, farmers, mining operations, construction companies, school bus fleets, municipalities, manufacturing plants, owner-operators and more.

Our name: Great American was a deliberate choice because, by and large, we believed that our market, truckers and those associated with trucking, set a higher than average standard for patriotism in this country. The workforce of Great American, Inc. is from the same mold.

Finally, where did THE LOAD come from? We trademarked this logo many years ago. If you think about it, almost any physical thing you own or have contact with was, at some point, transported by truck. It could be raw material, a finished product or anything in between. Truckers transport a load. A load or THE LOAD is the force that drives the trucking industry and also, quite frankly, the USA!